The everyday woman doesn't exemplify wealth, or beauty, or material things, that's not impressive; and if you think it is, you have a lot to learn. 

The everyday woman:

  1. She works hard at building a strong foundation in her home—whether she's single and lives alone or has a family, the white picket fence and two dogs—that's her sanctuary.

  2. She doesn't get as much sleep as she should, but she's working on it.

  3. She prioritizes the important things in her career; because that's important to her.

  4. She values the right people in her life because she understands that's rare. 

  5. She makes every effort to always do the right thing.

  6. She lives a Godly life; and even though she may seem put together, she falls

  7. She doesn't always wear makeup or eat as healthy as she should, and she's ok with that.

  8. She, at times, skips a shower, gym time, and doesn't even comb her hair.

  9. She doesn't wake up each morning in hopes she finds a man. A man doesn't make her.

  10. She's perfectly-imperfect and doesn't have any plans in proving herself to the world.

That is how I define the everyday woman.

I hope I inspire you to love the woman you are, every day, and if you don't like who you are, I hope you have the courage to change.

Be the woman who relates to other women, but doesn't want to be like other women.

The beauty of life is that we are all different, treasure that thought. And inspire to be inspired.