Looking at my workspace thinking how peaceful it feels. I just moved in so I'm still settling in; and although I will eventually add more comfort to it, I actually like the simplicity of how it feels right now. Give me a white desk, a few candles and a laptop, and I'll give you my best thoughts.

Not sure what it is about the color white, but it gets me.

My bedroom, my bed, my curtains, my bath and as you can see, my desk—all white. No clutter. No mess. No chaos.

I wouldn't say my life is always this simple. Chaos ensues the best of us, even a wannabe-minimalist, but given the chance to make my life simple, I will always choose simple. From friendships and relationships, to my home. That's how I like to live my life. 

Have you ever met someone who completely sweeps you away;  only to disappoint you? 

It's a painful lesson that hardens a woman's heart.

I'm a relationship girl! What can I say, I am. Some may call it boring but I'd rather love one man, than to sleep around with many. That is who I am and I will never change that about me! 

One thing I've learned from living in the big city is that Love is under-valued, sex is overly-welcomed and the sooner you realize that not everyone believes like you, not everyone thinks like you, not everyone is like you, the sooner life is clearer for you. 

I love this quote... 

"I learned the hard way that I cannot always count on others to respect my feelings, even if I respect theirs. Being a good person doesn't always guarantee that other people will be good people. You only have control over yourself and how you choose to be as a person. As for other people, you can choose to accept them or walk away."  

I walked away!

And in his defense he walked away too. It wasn't a mutual understanding or agreement, in fact, there wasn't any closure. It was more like—life happened—and things got in the way; so it had to be; he had to go, and he did! 

I never talk about him to anyone! In fact, I'm quite surprised I'm even writing about it—it's the simplicity of this white desk, I tell you—but I do think about him often; to this day I do.

He was the one that got away. 

The one that got away isn’t someone with whom you had a tragic breakup. They didn’t cheat on you. They didn't intentionally hurt you. It simply ended for circumstances other than falling out of love. 

Do I regret him? No.

Do I miss him? Yes.

But I've learned that it's ok to miss someone and not want them back.

The experience he gave me, good and bad, was wonderful. And although I will forever see him as the one that got away—when God says no, you listen