Currently, I own 6 journals. Three are older, filled to capacity, and tucked away, while the other three are used on the daily. I wish I could tell you that each of my journals has its own purpose, because originally that was my intent, but I can't...

One of my journals was supposed to be my prayer journal. This is the one where I write all of my personal prayers and petitions, big or small, it's where I talk to God. And as my prayers are met, I scratch them off and continue the process.

My second journal was going to be my recipe journal. In this book I jot down all of my personal recipes, ideas, and new creations. Pretty much, ALL THINGS FOOD.

My third journal was going to be my personal journal. This is the book where my fingers do the talking—trust me—that is not an understatement. 

But as life would have it, some things rarely go as planned. And while I currently do write in three journals, daily, they are all a compilation of me. A combination of prayers and recipes, favorite quotes, inspiration and doodles, my personal journey, my manifesto and would you believe, in May of last year, I wrote a list of things—THE PERFECT MAN, FOR ME—would be. 

It started off gradually, you know, with (9-10) things. But as time went on I somehow managed to extend this list into (59) things—I know what you're thinking, so stop.

This isn't a list I view daily but I do glance at it every now and then. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe, just maybe, my written expectations are a bit unrealistic, after all, we are closing-in on almost a year since the birth of this list and I have yet to stumble across this man.

Does he even exist? And is it possible that women, myself included, are too hard on men?

I mean seriously, does he really have to be Latino—which by the way is (#35) on my list and not-so-much a real deal breaker—is it?

Or how about (#39) "Must live in Dallas." I struggle with this one because long distance love is never a good thing. But sometimes the heart wants what it wants and he may turn out to live outside of Dallas.

I even made a bold notation on (#29) "Loves to eat!" ...what can I tell you that you don't already know, I love food. But—I also workout—a lot. Which is why (#38) effectively works hand-in-hand with this one, "He takes care of his health and maintains a healthy lifestyle." Nothing wrong with that, right?

However, (#2) and (#22) are absolute deal breakers! "He must love my kids!" and "He must love dogs." My family and my dog are forever part of the package and no man will ever take that away from me. 

I don't know what the future holds but what I do know is this: fifty-nine items on the "perfect man list" is not only stupid but unrealistic.

To be a man that has to meet 59 things on a woman's criteria is insane. HOWEVER, I'm not shooting down the list entirely. I am not bending on deal breakers! And in case you were wondering, (#1) is "Loves God first and foremost, above all things." ...and yes, that is a deal breaker!