The power of a beautiful woman is totally unquantifiable. And this much is true: there is nothing a beautiful woman cannot have—for a limited time. And although a man may not realize this, she knows.

Sometimes a man will risk everything for the simplest of joys, for a certain look, or a particular mole, for something she wears, how she walks and how she smells. A beautiful woman knows this and she thrives on it.

She knows how to work a crowd and look alive, not because she’s confident but because she’s beautiful; and it’s that beauty she hides behind. That is her strength and that is her weakness.

Strength because she relishes the moments. Weakness because she knows it’s temporary. Temporary because she’s going to get old.

Aging, they say, should be embraced; it’s a beautiful thing! But as a woman ages, her beauty begins to fade. And an aged face loses value, agree or disagree, but in the physical, it fades.


Dear men, if you are looking for a good time, enjoy her beauty. If you are looking for a lifetime, fulfill her; enjoy her soul. A face gets old, a body withers, but the soul remains intact, forever.