A typical morning, for me, begins each day between 5:30a-6a. I pray, I read, I write and I meditate on life—my life.

And on days when I can't sleep—a typical 3AM is spent writing in my laptop. I've been known to fall asleep with the laptop in one hand and my journal in the other. (yeah—I know—I need to sleep)

NO JOKE! I really do these things every day. They're important to me so I make the time.

As I get older, my reflection, my thoughts seem to be getting clearer. I love a simple life and complicating things is just not who I am anymore.

When I was a teenager, I was a full-blown brat with an attitude. Truth! (sorry mom)

In my 20's I mild-down a bit because I became a mom. Motherhood changed me but (technically) I was still in my 20's and dumb choices were part of my agenda.

My 30's begin to turn around as I begin to mentally grow into the woman I became in my 40's.

And so, here I am...

A lot happens as the years progress.

When I hear the phrase "A lot can happen in a year." It is so very true.

In fact, a lot can happen in a day. And if you're not careful… you miss it.

The things you take for granted today, are the things you will miss the most 10-20 years from now.


Be nice. Smile often. Do something to make someone else happy. Eat a burger. Sleep in. Love your kids. Call your parents. Text an ole' friend. Take selfies. Buy the shoes. Go on a trip. Talk to your kids.

Do whatever you have to do to enjoy (your) life.

But at the end of the day, give all of the glory to God. It is because of Him that we wake up every day—wise enough to—stop and smell the roses.

This frame sits in my bedroom; and everyday it reminds me that I am no exception to the rule.  

STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES and splash a little fragrance while you're at it.