I used to struggle with age because getting older is typically something we want as children, not as adults. Until one day I was put in—what I call—the corner-truth. During a conversation with a wise friend, she said:

"Never stress over getting old because some people aren't given that privilege."

If that didn't put things into perspective for me, that day, I don't know what did. Her words permanently embedded in my thoughts and to this day, when I begin to wallow in self-pity on wrinkles and aged skin, those very words seem to somehow surface right to the tip-top edge of my soul. Funny, but God has a way of reminding us when we slip.    

So I've learned to embrace my years and become more empowered as a woman. And I've also learned the importance of empowering other women.

Beautiful, smart, sexy, independent women are everywhere. Learn to support each other rather than tear each other down. For me, it's one of the greatest feelings I experience as I get older. 

I thrive on helping other women succeed and feel good about themselves. I truly believe 'that' is a God-given attribute I've been blessed with because, truth is, not everyone has it; so I use it to the best of my ability.

So on days when you're feeling blah, because gravity isn't playing nice, remind yourself that you are alive. You've been blessed with health and a beautiful new day. And every single moment you have been given should be cherished with grace and gratitude. 

So slip on your favorite jeans, you know the ones that say: age is just a number, and go out and get you some.

Embrace it. Love it. Learn from it and when you simply cannot find yourself loving on "YOU", practice loving others by giving your strength away! Empower someone else, you will be amazed just how quickly your mental attitude makes a complete 360°.