I wish I could start this story on a good note, after all, who doesn't love a positive reinforcement. But I'm not! You see, in the last three days, I've apologized to two different people; and that didn't sit well with me.

Don't misconstrue my words, I am all about being kind, in fact I preach it often, I live by it and I stand behind it. But if there's one thing I am not a fan of, it's a person with a victim mentality.

The victim stance is a powerful one. And rather than pitying yourself when someone is harsh, learn to stand up instead. Refuse to allow this world to victimize you. When someone says something to you, with truth behind it, own it, hold yourself accountable. 

Playing victim makes you always 'morally' right, neither responsible, nor accountable, and forever entitled to sympathy. But sympathy leads to emptiness and eventually, nobody wants to be around you.


Listen, you can be pitiful or you can be powerful but you cannot be both. 

No one owes you anything.

Your success and your failures are on you. Stop complaining about what someone didn't do for you, or did to you. Quit looking for sorrow from strangers or consoling affection from family. Stop wanting people to carry you when you should be walking. You cripple yourself when you victimize your behavior.

So why did I apologize? Well, because I have a heart.

And sometimes being the bigger person is better than being right. So I apologized because I understood—with the understanding of where I stood. Another words. I apologized [for my delivery] on how I said it, but I stood behind what I said.

I'm not a victim. I don't live life feeling sorry for myself. I accept constructive criticism like a champ. I don't blame other people for my problems. And I certainly don't blame [men] for my issues.

When I make a mistake I hold myself accountable. I own it! Every single thing I say and do, if I said it or did it, I acknowledge it.

And you should too. 

So the next time someone "hurts" your feelings, double-check yourself. The problem could very-well be [you] rather than the world you point that finger too.