There are certain things I do, and don't do every single day; or things I like and don't like—just things—you know. Here a few—maybe unimportant to you but not to me—tidbits, facts and other things that make meME! 

Bad foods I can't live without:

  • ice cream

  • chocolate

  • chips

Things I dislike about women:

  • feminism

  • cattiness

  • jealousy/envy

Things I dislike about men:

  • chauvinism

  • jealousy

  • lies

Things you should always have:

  • a fully charged phone

  • $50 cash (for emergencies)

  • a full tank of gasoline

Things I can live without

  • oysters

  • bubble baths

  • a man

Things I dislike in people:

  • men who play with a woman's heart

  • pessimistic/cynical people

  • frenemies, I don't need em'

Materialistic things I can't live without:

  • wunderbrow

  • falsies

  • cell phone

Things I do everyday:

  • Pray

  • Read

  • Write

Things I love about women:

  • Women who empower

  • Strong, independent women

  • Women who are genuine

Things I love about men:

  • a man who loves God

  • hard work ethics

  • sense of humor

Things you wouldn't believe I did:

  • I've cried for the douchebag

  • I've cried for the loser

  • I've cried for the player 

Things I love about life:

  • happy people

  • eating food

  • making my own t-shirts

Slang terms I need to stop saying:

  • wanna

  • gonna

  • y'all

Things I advocate:

  • fight against animal cruelty

  • feeding the hungry

  • empowering women

My childhood years:

  • My very first heart-pounding crush was in the 5th grade to a boy named Derek Dingler—who never knew I existed. He was a  short, red haired, freckled face cutie.

Middle school shenanigans:

  • Behind the east side of my jr. high school building, I had my very first kiss. His name was Bobby and I really thought I was going to marry him, after all, we swapped spit. That day, I wrote Mrs. Bobby Saprias on a piece of paper, a million times.

When I was in high school:

  • My senior year I won Most Beautiful

  • I was a twirler, a cheerleader and a writer for the school newspaper.

  • Once, during senior year, I scheduled two dates, in one night and ended up with a guy knocking at the front door and another one standing at the back door. My mom was furious with me and made me go with the first boy who knocked; but not before she made me apologize and tell the other boy I couldn't go with him because I had another date waiting to take me out. This is a story my mom tells people to this day.

  • One winter night, as our fire place lit, I stood next to it to warm up. In the midst of warming up, the skirt I was wearing caught on fire. Yes, I caught on fire my senior year and lived to tell about it.


During my college years:

  • My major was Broadcast Journalism.

  • I was introduced to false eyelashes for the very first time.

  • I got pregnant.

  • My second-semester, Freshman year, was spent over the toilet puking with morning sickness.

  • Two years later I went back to college.

  • In between being a young mom and a full-time college student, I got married, had my 2nd child—who by the way weighed 10 lbs, 11 oz. at birth—that in itself is surreal—and I knew it all. I honestly thought I had life figured out...

And by the way,

The douchebag, the loser and the player mentioned abovemay or may not—have been the same guy, nevertheless, it's proof that even strong, smart, independent women make STUPID MISTAKES!