Whether it’s a romantic connection, a good friendship, a new relationship... even a marriage.

I believe we meet people according to the decisions we make in life. Before we were even born, God had a plan for us, He did; but sometimes (our free will) overrules and we end up taking a turn in the mortal direction, rather than God's direction. 

But no matter what we choose, God prevails, always, and eventually, life catches up to us; mistakes and all. And when it does—sometimes—things work out for the better, and other times, things simply end.


The very people who crossed our paths, may or may not have been right for us, but for some reason, they walked into our lives and changed the direction of our journey; whether it was one year, ten years or twenty, lives were changed forever. 

And although we take wrong paths in life, many times God steps in and prevents things from happening.

Other times He watches, without intervention.

He lets us lose—to grow.

It gives us the opportunity to reassess ourselves for improvement, with maturity and time.

Remember, there is learning in every lost battle, and it’s okay to fail—so long as you fail forward. 

And if you’re sad, be sad for the right reasons. It’s ok to miss someone and not want them back. Life isn't over because you took a wrong turn. Don’t dwell too much on it, for the mind has the power to make the body sick. Stop stressing and close any doors that hinder you from moving on. "Let your eyes look forward." says Proverbs 4:25 ...and may the remainder of the year be a period of magnificent transformation for you, and within you.

YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE! —Ephesians 2:10

Art is not so much what you see, but what God make others see in you. A painting is only finished when the painter puts his brush down; and God isn’t finished with us yet; not even when we take a wrong turn. We are His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10) mistakes and all, and everyday he works on us.