You know the one that is there for you when you need someone most. The one who doesn't lie to you, even if he knows it's going to hurt. He doesn't BS you around because he genuinely cares. And he can read you like a book too. He's the one who knows— by immediately talking to you— when you are stressed from a long day vs. mad at him for something he did or didn't do.

Yup, he's the one; they really do exist ladies and if you happen to find yourself in a situation where you have a guy, best friend— cherish him.


A platonic relationship between a man and a woman is rare these days; but it's one of the best friendships a woman can have. A guy friend provides the male companionship, without the drama of a relationship. And in a sense, he becomes your backbone to the dating world too.

He's the friend that knows about your dating life— who's in, who's out and who should be. And although he may not know the people in your life personally, he knows first name basis of who you date and how they treat you. He knows the good guys from the bad and, at this point, can mentally compile a list of dirt bags who have swept your heart and the good ones, (you) didn't appreciate. He knows...

He doesn't sugar-coat anything, he tells it like it is. He helps you realize situations for what they actually are and not what YOU want them to be. And even on those rare occasions when you don't listen— he'll let you do your thing and when all is said and done, he's there for you. He may say "I told you so"— which he loves to do— but he's there to pick up the pieces and make you feel better.

I'm a firm believer that every woman— or at least every single woman— should have at least one genuine, guy best friend. It's good for your soul. It's no different than a female best friend except that he's a man; and that in itself, is a better reason. It gives you insight into the male brain and at times, can change your whole perspective on how you view men.