Why is it that a man always wants his cake and he wants to eat it too? Or in this case, he wants it—and then he doesn't. Men are simple, they really are and yet sometimes they act the most difficult.

If you ask any man—about women—jokingly or not, he'll say women are crazy! Not literally, of course, but figuratively speaking, men have managed to label women as "crazy". And while a select few may be crazy, the majority of us aren't; we're just fed up with double-standards.

One thing dating has taught me is that men are just as crazy. That's right! MEN ARE CRAZY TOO.


Men don't want a needy woman— it smothers them, they say! They need guy time. Alone time. Time to do their thing. Well, until they get bored, or sick, or lonely, or miss you for whatever reasons, then they get needy and start calling. Then, it's ok to be needy!

And what about fantasies? So you want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed? C'mon now! Your desirable need for a lady and a freak effectively strikes you out. Not because we can't handle it, but because we shouldn't have to.

Expecting a woman to maintain a balance between two totally opposite things—just to please you—shows how crazy you are. I get it, it's called role-play and as much as women love it too, let us do it because we want to, not because you expect it.

And then there's this little issue called space. Men, for some reason, have a tendency to shut down when they feel a woman is calling too much or hangs around too long. But the moment she backs off and stops calling, he wants to know why. "Where are you?" and "Why haven't you called?" And yet, we're the crazy ones.

In the beginning, women, more than men, tend to focus more on commitment; she sees, she likes, she pursues. If she really likes him, she hopes for a future. It's the nature of a woman's game. And after a few months, she's finally noticing that he too is showing interest in a relationship.

The problem?

He wants it—but then he doesn't. He can't decide if he's ready to commit. Or he'll commit, for the sake of keeping her happy, but not act like he's committed. 

Seriously boys, either you want it or you don't. It's not rocket science. If your heart is really not feeling a commitment, don't play her.

We get it, you want your cake and you want to eat it too.

You want the the fun. You want the sex. You want the pretty girl but you don't want the attachment—and while that doesn’t make you crazy—it does make you a jerk.

Men treat women badly and then they wonder why we lose it. We're not crazy, we're fed up! Tired. Exhausted! And according to the laws of love—if you commit to her—stay committed, act committed, be committed. Don't openly flirt with other women or lead a woman on, just so you can have someone in your back pocket.

Don't be a jerk! Don't be the man who gives other men—good men—a bad name.

Gone are the days where the woman sits and cries. You may hurt her temporarily but you won't break her. Today's woman is more empowered, smart and fierce. Nowadays she doesn't need you, she wants you and if you don't want her, let her move on to someone who does. You want to know why women are so strong-willed these days? It's because the gentleman of long ago, has lost his power to the jerk of today. And women, let's just say some of us, have caught on.