Safe to say that women everywhere have been played at least once in their life. It doesn’t matter who you are, we’ve all been played. Sometimes it affects the heart; other times it deflates the ego, nonetheless I’m willing to bet it left you feeling somewhat resentful… at men and at love.

But guess what? You shouldn’t hate the player, you should be mad at yourself. And yes he is to blame too but much of the fault falls on you. You saw the signs; don’t act like you didn’t.

A player—even the best of the best—is transparent; so hate him all you want, but in retrospect, you knew exactly what was happening, you’re a smart woman. In fact, women tend to have their red flag radar on 24/7 so you have no one to blame but yourself if you chose to ignore it.

Seventh and Cherry™

Sometimes men treat you poorly because you allow them to. When it comes to men, you have the power to control what happens to you. If you keep making excuses for a man's bad behavior, you’ll continue down that deceptive road of dating bad behaving men.

As a woman, learn to demand respect for yourself! Stop giving your insecurities root to grow. Grab that self-confidence in you—because WE ALL HAVE IT—and rule with it. Otherwise you’ll be a doormat, for men, the rest of your life, or at least until you finally get it.

And to clarify, there is no justification for being treated badly.

I am, in no way, taking up for men who mistreat women. But at the same time, don’t play victim and pity yourself either. Anything that happens to YOU—in regards to how a man treats you—IS ON YOU!

And don’t cry to your friends. In fact, your friends probably warned you about him too. Learn from your past. Listen to advice. And if you’re that girl who’s been down this road before—and you still haven't learned from your mistakes, SHAME ON YOU!

There’s nothing sexier than a good man. As crazy as this sounds—women may enjoy the temporary distraction of the notorious bad boy—but in the end we want the man, not the boy. The man who takes care of our heart, not his.

In the meantime, life goes on. Don't focus on men. Go out and buy a leather bag, cut your hair, go to the movies, take a trip, have fun. But whatever you do, never cry for an unworthy man.

...because there is no penis worthy of your tears!

Seventh and Cherry™