As a writer, if someone falls for my work, I know they have fallen for my mind; and what a beautiful thing.

For the mind—a complexity of emotions, good and bad—reels more sex appeal than any physical face or body.

I truly believe writing may be the only time a person can be who they are, as a whole, without being seen. 

When someone loves what you have to say it makes your passion—bit worthy.

But to be a writer, a good one, you have to know how to do it, and do it well.

Your passion must exude through your words, making time stand still.

A good writer captures the minds of its readers; making them want more; more of you, and what you have to say.

C.S. Lewis once wrote: 

"Don't use adjectives to describe how you want us to feel. I mean, instead of telling us something is 'terrible', describe it so that we will be terrified."

What powerful, insightful words!

That, is how you know a writer, is a good writer. When you feel the connection. When you desire to know more. When you get lost in what they say. When you can't get enough. When you want more of the person behind the pen and you haven't a clue who they are or what they look like, but you want more. That is a good writer. And what a beautiful thing!