I paint, I read, I write, I meditate. Today my thoughts had me going in circles and here's why...

In all actuality, anyone can call themselves anything, right? I mean, after all, we live in a generation where self-proclaimed titles are given with no merit, no certifications, no degree. It's an entitlement—of sorts—deemed on ourselves, by ourselves. Hence:


We upload a few vids and we're instant experts. We cook a few meals and we are now professional chefs. We speak at a small event and suddenly 'public speaker' is who we are. Or we curate a great blog and soon thereafter—writer and photographer become our titles. 

Do we have that right? That self-proclaimed right? And what really constitutes an expert? Is it that golden piece of paper hanging on the wall? You know the one sitting inside an expensive, gorgeous matted frame indicating you graduated—Masters, at that! Or would you say "experience" equates knowledge and expertise? 


Education is high-rank in my books and I stand behind anyone willing to go that extra mile. It is not easy and quite honestly, it takes guts to commit to an additional 4 years plus of school. "Knowledge is power..." they say.

However, in my 40+ years of life I have learned a lot of things. One of them, if not the most important, is "experience"... not Algebra, not History, not Chemistry but experience!


You see, while a college degree may open doors faster than street smarts—street smarts, at times, turn out to be the better route. Not to say college grads don't share creativity, imagination and fire in their soul; but we all know college isn't teaching that. Colleges teach the traditional values, also known as books. And while there's plenty of room in this world for that, today's modern world is traveling too fast—in fact, so fast that you either lead, follow or get out of the way, and that's an understatement.

In order to keep up with modern day technology and the internet [two major components running the world today] we need street smarts and experience, and lots of it. 

When I speak to people or interview them for positions, I never limit my options to that golden piece of paper. I've learned from "experience" that paper only looks pretty on a wall and it doesn't necessarily make the better applicant. And while a person's accolades may be impressive, that's not why I'm going to hire you. The person I'm hiring for the job, is the best personfor the job. So if you have a college education, great, let's talk. If you do not have a college education... LET'S TALK ANYWAY!

Building an empire isn't easy, in fact—for those who choose that route—it's one of the most difficult, gut wrenching challenges in life. So if you're going to invest your time and your money on something THAT big, don't you want the "dream team" that goes with it too? 

Things to ponder on...