When it comes to dating, what kind of woman am I?

Well, that's a great question!

Am I THE ROMANTIC one? You know the kind that, no matter what happens in life; she never gives up on love. She spends countless hours watching unrealistic love stories on the Hallmark channel hoping she’ll find her knight in shining armor—just like the women on every Hallmark show do. In her heart she knows it will happen someday so she relentlessly keeps pushing—refusing to settle—because he’s out there; and she knows it.

Or am I 100% THE ALPHA? Fiercely independent and although I definitely want love in my life, my attitude stems from guys have weak egos to—guys have weak egos. That’s probably why I focus so much on work too. I guess if dating doesn’t work out, well, I have my passion to fall back on.

Although I hate to admit this I have been THE MESS girl too. You know, the girl who’s been hurt by a man she really cared about—and while she’s hurting inside—she acts really tough, until she’s had a few drinks, then she gets emotional. Wow, not sure what’s more embarrassing, reliving that moment or admitting it. But yes, I was that girl once—October of twenty-thirteen to be exact—but I digress. 

What about THE QUEEN-BEE? This woman has a mental expectation that every man she meets will adore her, take care of her financial needs and will keep her inside a certain lifestyle she’s accustomed to. Come to think of it, NO! I’ve never been her, nor do I desire to be her. It’s ok to find a man who cherishes you but it works both ways! If you’re all about being taken care of, remember this: A woman doesn't appreciate a man who wants her for her body, so don’t expect a man to appreciate you for wanting him for his money.

So does that make me THE PICKY one? And before I go any further, I do have to admit that about a year ago, I created a checklist of 35 things—the perfect man, for me, would have to be. And although I still carry it with me—that was a year ago. I’ve since come to terms with the fact that love is unpredictable and more than likely—the man who ends up sweeping me off my feet—won’t be anything like the 35 things I’ve imagined him to be.  

In retrospect, one girl I've never been, and never will be—is THE DESPERATE one. Sorry but I have to say this; if you are a serial dater and tend to date anything that comes your way, you’re desperate. The need, and sometimes obsession, to be with a man—is your disease. If you’re the woman who desperately seeks love, you’re going to end up very disappointed. Trying too hard is the perfect way to end up with a loser.

So while being in love is a wonderful thing—being single isn’t that bad either. My life is peaceful, simple and content. While other women are obsessing about finding a man, I work on me. 

A very long time ago, I lost myself to mommy-life and being a wife. And while I have absolutely zero regrets to raising my beautiful, amazing boys, they’ve since grown.

Now it’s about me. I live in the moment. If I want a cheeseburger, I buy a cheeseburger. If I want cereal for dinner, I eat cereal for dinner. I don't have drama or relationship issues to deal with. I enjoy my freedom of doing whatever it is, I want to do. After all, this is the youngest I will ever be, might as well make the most of it. 

When it comes to dating, what kind of person are you?