What I've learned throughout the years in writing, is unteachable. The lessons that have crossed my desk have been more of a learn-as-I-go type value. Good and bad, the words I write, or have written, in themselves, have truly taught me a lot about how people react and respond.

I've learned that in order to grab the readers attention, I must first know who they are. Knowing my audience is crucial!

But even then, I've learned that people, even those who enjoy what I have to say, at times, get defensive, shy away, or pull backwhen the words I write don't benefit them, or somehow, personally, offends them.

A cop-out, if you ask me.


A strong, passionate voice is one to be proud of. When I write, more often than not, I don't hold back. Why would I? 

And why would you expect me to?

Why is it so hard for people to read the truth?

What happened to the days when strong-backs existed? When truth—not fake news but real-honest-to-goodness truth—was said or written, and whether we liked it or not, we owned it.

Why have we become such a fragile, displeased, wounded society? 

Is it easier to acknowledge sugar-coated lies? And why would you want lies?

We live in a world that is so alarming—twenty years ago we wouldn't have believed what we're seeing today.

Every single day we wake up with tragedy. People hurting people. Lies viciously spread. Hateful gossip. Frivolous news. No morals. No respect. And Real-life victims, mocked. And all this, from sources we are suppose to rely on.

Sad isn't it?

Fake news has been coined as this generations key-phrase. And it has become acceptable to middle America. People have become nonchalant to real-life noise and open-minded to hate and lies. 

What have I learned about writing?

I've learned to speak the truth, even if I lose you. To say the things that people don't want to hear, even if you hate me.

I've learned to defend what is right, even if you don't support me. And that which is accurate, I stand up for, even if others blindly turn away.

I've learned that people are scared; frightened, so they keep quiet. Fearful of offending others who side with the majority; and even those who side [against] biblical truths.

And I've learned that there are two different types of readers:

  • those who publicly mock, ridicule and lie, at the expense of everything they represent.

  • those who turn a blind-eye and stay quiet, for the sake of unnerving and controversy fear.

We are a generation of control. We either take control and stand for what is righteous! Or we allow others to control us, in everything we represent.

You have a voice, a God given blessing. Use it for the better of life. Never allow the human race to instill fear in your soul for doing what is right.