I'm always talking about women dressing their own age— because it's true— women should dress their age.

There's nothing worse than seeing a 40-something—looking like she just stepped out of Forever 21. And while I'm not knocking Forever 21— because they really do have cute clothes— if you're in your 40's, it's not a good idea to sport the same outfit your freshman niece is wearing too.

You know the jeans you've had for such a long time that have actually transformed into your body and no matter what you do to them—not even rips—they fit like a glove? —yea those!

In my defense, the rips, in these particular jeans, didn't quite start that big; it's been a gradual process. I do, however, admit it's getting a bit out of control. If my mom had it her way, they'd be trashed. My "ripped jean" rule of thumb has always been simple! In your 20's—rip away, in your 30's—take it easy, in your 40's—slow your roll.

Today I broke my own rule. Now the question is... do I stop or do I trash my rule? I mean after all— rules are made to be broken, right?