We are officially living in a nonstop, can't stop, won't stop social media world where just about anyone, with an internet connection, can share their life. Somewhat scary, maybe even intimidating, but that doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself; you simply have to be cautious. 

I have friends—and this may be a guy thing because it's mainly men who tell me this—who feel that people overthink social media content. They say social media should be fun and not taken so seriously. In their defense, that is true to an extent but I'm a firm believer that our behavior on social media, from the things we say, the photos we publish and (believe it or not) even pictures and posts we like and favorite, speak ever so loudly.

Our actions, and social media presence, give other people an idea of who we are—and most of the time—it is accurate. Don’t share something on social media that you would not normally talk about in person. If you don’t think people are reading into what you say and do, you are highly mistaken. 

Who are you on social media? Give me a second to view your platforms... I can tell you.