I happen to think that a woman who has (genuine) male friends in her life—even if just one—is blessed. 

I don't consider myself a tomboy but for some reason, I've always gotten along better with men than I have women. To this day, the camaraderie I find with my guy friends makes my life more joyful; happy. 

Some may disagree that men are incapable of forming platonic friendships—and while I do believe men may overestimate the level of attraction felt by their female friendships—that doesn't mean they're not capable of maintaining this bond. 

In all fairness, maybe growing up with two brothers and all their friends, made interacting with guys—on a platonic level—that much easier. Which is why I find it so unfortunate that our issue-hungry society has a difficult time accepting the idea that a woman CAN be friends with a man—without the sex; without the desire. 

Is it the traditional, conservative values that have somewhat distorted the idea? Who knows.

Whatever the case, that’s one of the biggest walls to the ideal platonic friendship. But imagine how wonderful it would be if we could eliminate the stigma.


Don’t get me wrong, I know there is a handful of inconsiderate men out there who enter a friendship with ulterior motives. Nevertheless, a woman should desire a great guy friend, or two, in her lifetime; strong, heterosexual, male ones. 

Why men?

Well, because men have a very different sense of reality. They

bring that sense of simplicity into a woman's life. They're not concerned about stupid, petty things that women find desirably interesting; or annoying. It's a simple friendship, and sometimes that's all you really want and need.

A man, who is genuine with his actions, provides a sense of security; he will watch over you. He calls when you're sick. And will randomly text you, just to make sure you made it home safely. The little things, you know.

If you find a man as such—instead of buying into the negative hoopla society feeds you—cherish him.