A happy relationship doesn’t just happen.

You have to work really, really hard to keep a good, strong relationship healthy. No doubt it takes two to make a relationship work—but this time around—I'm throwing it on the man.

If the man takes the lead by respecting and loving her, I can assure you, she will stay motivated for him. That's all a woman really wants.

*FOOTNOTE: if you read this post and think it's too much work, too hard, or even cheesy, then stop reading, you're not ready for a relationship.

If you truly want to know what genuinely happy couples do to stay happy, here are a few important things to remember.

  1. RESPECT each other.

  2. Touch, hug, kiss, have sex often.

  3. Keep the romance alive; go out on dates.

  4. GROW together as a couple.

  5. Have fun together.

  6. MOTIVATE each others goals and ambitions.

  7. LAUGH together.

  8. Have interests, hobbies, and friends (apart) from each other.

  9. Have (shared) interests and enjoy spending time together too.

  10. Accept each others indifferences.

  11. Support each other in life.

  12. Never put each down.

  13. Don’t place other people, or things, above each other.


  15. TRUST one another.

  16. Bring out the best in each other.

  17. SUPPORT each other during difficult times.

  18. Don’t take each other for granted.

  19. Never, ever, humiliate each other in public.

  20. Support each other even when you don’t agree.


Listen, this list is a mere portion of what it truly takes to be happy in a long lasting relationship. But it's doable! And it really isn't that hard, it simply takes work. That is what a strong, healthy relationship entails—work.

As a couple, if your relationship goals are to promote happiness on superficial, highlight-reels off social media—you are a doomed couple.

Social media is deception to the eye. Flowers, romantic dinners, fancy vacations, getaway trips, they're all great, in fact, they make the perfect Instagram. But if you continually criticize her, disrespect her, and belittle her, in public or in private, she knows nothing but sadness. She's not thinking anything other than how empty you make her feel.

In the same way, a woman can be generous to her man, but if most days she’s nagging and yelling, spoiled and degrading, disrespectful of him in private or in front of others, he is not a happy man.

Material things don't make happy couples. If you want to have a happy relationship, you have to vigorously keep the love alive. And you must maintain a full-time level of respect for one another.

For most women it's instinctive; women are nurturers, they're born this way. Their emotional sensors are always on. 

For men, however, men have to know how to create this magnetic force. That's how the male mind works. But once you both figure out the many techniques to this healthy bond, keep it active throughout life.

Life will pass you by, sooner than later, don't waste it alone.

And when you finally see the blessing in that special someone, work to keep the magic alive. It's the hardest, non-monetary, position you will ever hold; even harder than parenting, if you ask me. It's a forever, full-time job. And it's called LOVE.