Have you ever found yourself yearning for love? Maybe craving the attention of another human. And no matter where you go and what you do, it seems as if though everyone around you is in a relationship, getting married, or already married, and you, for some reason, can't seem to get it together. 

I can’t imagine how many people have secretly Googled this topic when they've felt the pangs of loneliness. The yearning for someone else's touch can be unbearable; at times overpowering to the human mind.

Unfortunately, the internet is not the smartest guide for this type of advice.

And while Google may be a giant source of knowledge for picking cherries of another kind, it's not always the wisest when it comes to love. It doesn't always feed you the accuracy you need; and many times, it's counterproductive.

Which leads me back to the reason I wrote this post.


Look, I get it! Loneliness is as tough as it is sad. But when it comes to relationships, never succumb to the thought of needing someone simply to fill a void. The problem doesn't lie with your inability to find a soulmate, the issue is more about you being ok with it.  

I used to work with a lady who was obsessed with online dating. Day in and day out she'd share with me the mishaps of the men she dated, and most always her stories ended badly. One day I asked her why she found it so important to troll these dating sites; her answer was remarkable, and I don't mean that in a good way.  "I NEED A MAN!" she said.

I remember staring at her, not saying a word. My brain was working overtime trying to associate the word [need] with the word "man", and I simply couldn't find an answer.

You see, that is the issue with a lot of people these days, they focus on the wrong things.

When you focus on the wrongs things, you achieve the wrong things. You meet the wrong people, you entertain the wrong people, you fulfill the wrong people, you get stuck with the wrong people. And then you wonder why things don't work out; why you just can't get it together. 

Rather than consuming your day with thoughts about having someone to love, use your "singleness" to your advantage. Engulf yourself so deep into loving the life you have that you cannot be consumed by outside forces.

Humanistically, you may find your heart desiring someone, but never convince yourself you need someone. That is your biggest lie!